Complete Infrastructure Support Plan

Our Ultimate Support Plan

Get a complete infrastructure support plan, for that very secure feeling

Our top plan gives you unlimited technical support for your entire network infrastructure including desktops, printers and peripherals. This full network support and maintenance plan comes with a service level agreement (SLA) and support structure designed to improve your overall network experience. Your service level agreement specifies guaranteed response and remediation times for your network incidents.

SOHO Solutions Full Network Maintenance and IT Support is a comprehensive, flexible and fixed-fee support plan that addresses all your critical infrastructure support needs. It includes:

  • All benefits of our Network Preventive Maintenance Plan
  • Unlimited technical support for network devices
  • Unlimited technical support for desktops
  • Service level agreement with response & up times
  • Monthly reporting on network performance
  • Quarterly IT consulting sessions

Our Full Network Maintenance Plan addresses all critical business needs, including network support, security, data management, applications, strategic planning and more. It can be tailored to meet your specific corporate IT needs.

SOHO Solutions is a certified Microsoft Partner in networking infrastructure solutions.

Business insight is a beautiful thing

Our IT Maintenance Reports give you the answers

IT Maintenance Plan reports provide insight into critical business questions such as:

  • Is our infrastructure supporting our business goals as defined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) (both operationally and strategically)?
  • When our system doesn’t work, are we getting the service that we are paying for?
  • What do we have to do to keep our system working?
  • How can we minimize cost impacts?

IT maintenance reports also summarize system activities including incidents and security activity and include details about specific incidents. You can use our reports to recognize short-term threats to business activity and your system.

Use IT maintenance plan reports to help you:

  • See your cost of downtime
  • Assist with strategic planning
  • Measure system performance
  • Reflect actual service provided vs. SLA
  • Help with budget, capacity and growth planning

It’s good to be clear from the beginning

Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) make it crystal-clear what your expectations are of us, and what we must do to meet those expectations. They spell out:

  • The scope of work to be provided
  • Acceptable and unacceptable service levels
  • Problem management actions
  • Compensation
  • Customer duties and responsibilities
  • Warranties, legal compliance and resolution of disputes
  • Terms and conditions for termination

The level of service to be delivered is defined with an explanation of how this is done and under what terms and conditions. Our SLAs also define the business value our clients expect in terms of what is important to them (e.g. availability, performance) regarding their key business systems. We create key metrics based on their concerns and measure how well we are addressing their needs. We report our performance against the defined performance in the SLA to ensure that we are delivering service as promised.